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Good_day, I write about the small happiness I felt in my daily life, my mind to be happy, and so on, including some consideration. I hope that people will be cheerful, fun, and positive if you read it. Dale Carnegie of “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” often referred.
It is classified asThink_positively”, How_deal_worries“, and “live_healthy“.

Everyday_events Light to the small happiness in everyday life!I feel happy in various situations such as delicious food, alcohol, beautiful nature, small living things, etc.I think that each person has their own sense of values, but I think that there are many common parts of happiness.
It is classified as “small happinessand “Delicious food“.

Movie_notes I criticize with my own sense of values.Because it is a sense of values of dogma and prejudice, your favorite movie might be evaluated low.I’m sorry at that time.The evaluation method is three stars and half of the stars are the lowest points. It is classified as “Human DramaandHeart_pounding“.

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