Don’t expect to be thanked!

In Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” one way to find happiness is to say, “Don’t expect to be thanked.” Have you ever been criticized if you expected others to thank you for doing something to others? Even if you don’t go that far, have you ever been frustrated if you didn’t have a word of thanks?


Jesus Christ healed 10 patients with leray disease, but only one of them expressed his gratitude (Luke’s Gospel). For a long time, even if it was a favor to heal a desperate disease, it might have been about 10% of them to be grateful. Then, if you expect gratitude, you will be betrayed in most cases. If that’s the case, it seems better not to expect gratitude for the happiness and stability of the mind.

Feelings of gratitude and anger

I often hear news that a person was killed when he lent money for the other person many times. gave it, and sometimes pressed for collection. The “10” benefit of lending money to the other person is about “1” thankful to the other person’s heart. If the anger when collecting the debt is “3”, it will be three times as angry as “thank you” “1”. So I was convinced that he was killed for that reason.

The Words of Machiavelli

Machiavelli’s famous words say, “People quickly forget the benefits they have been given, but they will never forget their previous feelings of grudge.” The benefits we receive will not remain in our mind as much as 1/10, but hatred will remain forever. For the happiness of the heart, it seems to be important to find the inner pleasure of oneself by giving something. It may not be easy to practice, but for the time being, let’s start by “don’t expect gratitude from the other person”.

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