Beef Stew Miyazaki Beef

Today is the second day of four consecutive holidays. My wife is at work, but I’m off. It rains outside, and coronavirus seems to be beginning to spread in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is said to be an isolated island on land, and it does not become a thinking for going out. Then, it is the turn of the homemade cooking! I made beef stew today.

The material is luxurious.

Except for professional chefs, as men’s homemade dishes, it is a knack to make it delicious with luxurious ingredients without any time and effort after all (isn’t it a knack?))。

It starts with buying to the supermarket in the rain. The base is S&B’s “dark stew” and a red frame with Wagyu domiglass. First of all, it seems to be delicious from the package. While looking at five dishes of ingredients, beef is purchased “Miyazaki beef”. It is 100g 398 yen, but it seems to be considerably delicious. By the way, Miyazaki beef purchased in Miyazaki Prefecture is cheap, and the quality is very high. I also bought onions, potatoes and red wine, which is the deciding factor in the taste. The carrot was in the house.

It is a set of materials today.

It’s time to start cooking!

Cut the onions and carrots into pieces. Light the thick pot and add a tablespoon of salad oil. When warmed up a little, add the chopped vegetables and meat and fry for 10 minutes.

First, fry it over an open fire.

Then add 100ml of red wine (from Spain) and 550ml of water, then bring it to a boil.

The onion is very soft.

Boil over low heat for 20 minutes, then cut the potatoes. After 20 minutes, put the potatoes in, boil again, and put on low heat for 10 minutes. After that, turn off the heat, break the lou, and melt. Simmer for 5 more minutes.

It looked delicious!

The point that I devised is …

The basics are almost identical to the recipe in the S&B package. The arrangement is about 100 ml of water 650 ml to red wine. Beef is expensive using Miyazaki beef. The difference in the quality of this beef greatly affects the taste!


I made it myself, so it’s still the best!! (My wife always points out that there is a strong tendency to praise myself.)

It became the best finish!

The stew makes you feel the extract of Miyazaki beef, and the red wine adds a deep astringency. Onions make up the base taste and texture, and carrots create a rich color. The potatoes are very chewy. And the harmony of the taste of beef and wagyu fat dances in the heavens and earth!

Today was a good day. My wife and children seemed to be satisfied. It was a treat.