“How Google Works” Strategies and Tactics

I bought this book (Japanese language version) because I wanted to know about Bill Campbell, who is famous as a Silicon Valley coach.The content was a bit of Bill Campbell’s coaching, and the main was Google’s strategy and tactics.It was unexpected, but it was a great learning experience because it was full of strategies and tactics for the organization to develop.

How Google Works Our Way of Working and Management

Co-authored by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle and Larry Page.It is the first edition in 2014, but it is very available in 2020. As written in the last part, it is finished in the content that is useful for all business people.

The content is divided into corporate culture, strategy, human resources, decision-making, communication, and innovation. In particular, the first three are also well-related to Japanese IT companies and all organizations. The basic concept is to gather talented people (engineers, smart creatives*) to create the world’s best products, and to manage them so that they don’t get in their way.

Smart creative: A person who has a deep knowledge of his or her area of expertise and combines it with intelligence, business sense, and various creative qualities.

Corporate culture

Demonstrate the values that your company places the most importance on. People who agree with the company’s business and values are attracted, and people who do not agree do not come. Google’s values are based on the idea of “focusing on long-term goals,” “being useful to end users,” “not being evil,” and “making the world a better place,” and we repeatedly communicate to our members and strengthen them through rewards.

One of the interesting things is that they want smart creatives to work in a small office environment. Smart creatives are truly valuable in interaction with each other. However, the freedom to move to a quiet place should also be enhanced, and google’s office has a lot of “hideaways” such as a corner of a café, a mini-kitchen, a small conference room, and an outdoor terrace. I think everyone realizes that new ideas are easy to come into being born in conversations with creative peers. Conversations between different disciplines lead to “combined innovation.” I thought that it was true.

There are also comments on the leader’s attitude. When you find that your ideas aren’t the best, pull yourself out of the way of other people. It’s part of meritocracy, and most smart creatives have their opinions on everything, creating an environment where they feel rightly appreciated and empowered when they are right.


In today’s society, where the times are changing at a rapid pace, “making a business plan” is not a problem in itself, but “faithful execution of the business plan” is said to include major flaws. The most important strategy is to “secure good talent”, and a team of talented people can notice the flaws in the plan and correct the trajectory.

In the case of google, only the basic policy was shown to all members. “Bet on innovative technical ideas,” “optimize scale rather than profit,” and “expand the market itself with the best products. “Although the scale is large, it can be said that this policy is alive because the purpose is that the scale is large.

Rather than responding to customer requests, we affirm that we provide solutions to problems that customers can’t think of or thought they can’t solve. We look far ahead of the customer’s request (imagine) and develop the best products. I think that each person has his or her own jobs, but it is important to have ideas and attitudes to create the best things while imagining the times when there is a possibility that it may occur in the future.

The commitment to the trend of rival companies is determined to be a vicious circle to mediocrity. “It’s not interesting as a job just to beat other companies who are doing the same thing. It’s interesting to come up with something you really need that you haven’t come up with in anyone’s head yet. “If I replace it with myself, I want to work to create new products by imagining an era that might happen five or ten years from now, rather than a few years ahead. You also need to understand the potential for risks to be involved.

Human resources

You can see that google is making a huge effort to attract talent. Everyone can make what we have today, but imagining and developing what we need for the future requires a great smart creative. I have declared that the most important job in the management’s work is recruitment. Managers are often told that they should hire better people than themselves, but this can be quite difficult, and google makes the recruitment process easier to understand and conduct by a committee. The committee will also decide who to promote.

There is a coming of the adoption of Google.
(1) superior and knowledgeable persons than you
(2) people who add value to products and corporate culture
(3) people who accomplish their jobs
(4) Enthusiastic, spontaneous, passionate people
(5) a person who can inspire and cooperate people around
(6) a person who is likely to grow
(7) a person who is multi-talented, has unique interests and talents
(8) a person has an ethics, and conveys honest intention
(9) no compromise is required.
It is a hard job to fire, but it is a “rule” unique to google where excellent human resources are easy to gather, but I thought that the condition that I want to be so as much as possible is common all over the world. If we were able to hire such a person, the next step would be to create an environment where it would be easy for the person to demonstrate his or her abilities, and it would be the starting time for the development of the above-mentioned corporate culture and strategy.

Add, etc.

After the above three items, another three items (decision-making, communication, innovation) will be followed, but I myself work in Japan and I am not working for an IT company, so I will cover only the three points that I have been helpful to.

Bill Gates said, “Spend 80 percent of your time in the business of earning 80% of your earnings.” It’s important to pursue revolutionary development, but focusing on your core business and loving it is the most important thing. It’s certainly a point you shouldn’t forget.

We will create an environment where people can tell the truth with peace of mind. The good news doesn’t change much the next day, but the bad news gets worse day by day. Human beings have a desire to avoid playing roles that report bad news. It is important to create an environment that makes it easy to report painful truths.

“If you focus on the user, everything else will follow.” If we don’t lose sight of our focus on users, development and profits will surely come in the long run. Isn’t it true that can be said to any industry? However, it may not be the case in the short term.

Here’s a summary.

No matter what kind of company or organization you are in, we will
(1) develop a culture that you should aim for and spread it to all members.
(2) We will gather talented people and create an environment where it is easy to demonstrate our abilities.
If you are a business person in any position, I think that somewhere above will be helpful.

In 2017, it was published in a paperback book and was available for 990 yen in Japan.The sense of value is not half!