I made iced coffee!

I have coffee several times a day. I usually have a drip coffee pack. When the work breaks down, the pack is taken out, and when the seal is cut, the fragrance is enjoyed first. Fatigue blows away, and it becomes feelings that I went to the villa land in Karuizawa (although it is only an image).

In the hot season, ready-made iced coffee is delicious without any effort. “Blendy” and “UCC” iced coffee are on standby at work. This is fine, but sometimes I want to taste real iced coffee.

My wife bought me finely ground beans for iced coffee at a specialty store called Coffee Club. How to make it is “Coffee Club style” taught from a specialty store (I just got a paper like the one below). There are more processes than hot coffee, but it is not difficult.

We’re ready.
Measure 500 ml and then boil.

Measure 25 g of finely ground beans and boil the water in a kettle for 500 ml coffee. After pouring hot water at the beginning, rinse for one minute. The extraction speed is tried to be slower than hot.

Take your time slowly.

When the extraction is finished, add a lot of ice. This reduces the evaporation of the fragrance component. If you taste it a little, the aroma is richer than the hot (since the amount of beans is larger) and it has a wonderful workmanship. I couldn’t sleep when I drank it at night, so when it cooled down to some extent, I cooled the server with running water, got rid of the rough heat, and then put it in the refrigerator.

The next morning, bake the toast, put honey on it, and have a salad. Next is the iced coffee I prepared last night. What’s the taste?

It is iced coffee in black. It was more fragrant than I had imagined.

Why don’t you prepare it the day before and make it freshly made? There may be an idea that, but it is a good fragrance even after one night. When it is cold, there may be few volatilizations of the fragrance.

I bought 100g of beans, so I enjoy it four times.