Bill Campbell’s Principles of Success

I picked up this book because I wanted to learn about bill Campbell, who is said to be the legendary coach. Titles are “Trillion Dollar Coach” by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle. He is an excellent professional manager, even though he is a coach of American football. He is a mentor to Steve Jobs and a coach who nurtured Google founders. It is a book about the legendary coach Bill Campbell who saved Amazon’s Bezos, trained Twitter and YouTube CEOs, and brought unprecedented success to companies throughout Silicon Valley.

Chapter 2 states the principle that “people are everything” in any company or organization. The book describes Bill’s focus on the people who make up his organization.

Raise the morale of the field

It is important to maintain that the ability to perform business in the field is enhanced to a level with a competitive advantage. The most important point of view is not the precise instruction of the place, but the fact that the subordinates realize that they are valued. Spend time together in the same room, listen, and pay attention to the words. I advise tops of company to think about the employees who work for them every night before they go to sleep. I assure you that the top priority is the happiness and success of your subordinates.

In my personal experience, I feel every day that it is important to have a relationship of trust with the top (boss) in order for the work of my organization to work well. I feel that it leads to smooth business management if there is a spirit to try to take off one skin even if it is somewhat unreasonable for this person.

The Importance of Communication

At a staff meeting at google, one of the companies where Bill was involved, he asked each person what they did on the weekend at opening, and asked the staff on their way home from the trip to report on their brief journey. This allows them to get to know each other, including outside of work, and the staff who talked about the trip can deepen their interaction and foster a sense of self-importance. Personally, everyone can enjoy joining the meeting. A fun work environment correlates with high performance, so it is two birds with one stone.

Keep behind the round table

The top person’s job is to suck up all opinions, execute a decision-making process to review all views, settle the discussion on your own if necessary, and make decisions. In order to suck up all opinions, the top must not provide an answer at the beginning of the discussion. When you have a discussion with your team, try to speak at the end. If you just give them an answer, you’ll take the chance to join forces from the team.

In the decision-making process, we maintain a non-bargaining environment.When bargaining is effective, the final decision is not the optimal solution, but the opinion of the person who is good at loving the highest authority (the person with strong political power).

Go back to the first principle

In the end, we talk about the importance of the first principle. The first principle is like a belief that members of the organization have already accepted. In the case of google, it is “end-user first” and “production of excellent products”. When the debate is idle, we will return to this principle. When it comes to organizational principles, the top must communicate to its members over and over again. Change the wording, with a device that does not get tired.

Because it was not written by the Bill himself, I do not know whether it matches the real priority of the person himself. However, it is also the content that was talked about in common from several disciples, and there seems to be no doubt that this is important to Bill. It also includes some parts that made Japanese corporate warrior culture dry in the Showa era. If you arrange the above teachings in a Japanese style, a better working environment will be created.

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