How to read customer reviews

I purchased google’s chromecast during the Hulu trial period. First, I search for Hulu or youtube on my smartphone, and display it on TV. The initial setup took a little time, but once setup was done, we can enjoy our video without stress. It was comfortable so I planned to buy another chromecast for another TV.

I ordered at Amazon!

In the case of online purchase, we usually search at Amazon and Rakuten at home, consider “final price including shipping fee” and “delivery date”, and purchase either. Chromecast was sold cheaply on Amazon! The customer reviews are also highly rated. I was so happy and decided to buy it immediately.

A few days later I received the item. What is this card (pictured below)? ? ?
It is 2000 yen discount if you attach a video and attach a customer review of a high rating (5 stars). I’m not a gentleman, and I was going to benefit from 2000 yen if the product was normal.

2000 yen for a 5-star review with a video!

In fact, I was able to connect my smartphone to my TV. However, how rough the image is compared to the original google genuine chromecast. If you don’t have a genuine one, you may have been convinced that it was like this.

I thought about various things, but I declined the benefit of 2000 yen and decided to return it. Amazon is great for returning products because they haven’t reached the quality I expected (I will continue to use amazon!). The financial burden was 0 yen, and I am grateful to Amazon, but it took a lot of time.

How to identify “fake” customer reviews

At a later date, there was a special feature on how to distinguish “fake” reviews from a TV program. Good products are as follows.

Many people are highly evaluated. The lower the rating, the lower the number. Natural distribution.
The number of evaluations is large, and the possibility of “fake” seems low.

The review of “fake” seems to be as follows.

If most of the five stars are “fake,” it can be understood as a natural distribution.
It has an unnatural distribution with many 5 stars and 1 star.

This time, I introduced a little unhappiness. You may have noticed a fake review like this, but I didn’t know it. From now on, I will be careful and enjoy online purchase!