When you're down, you'll get a chance!

There is a book called “There is nothing useless in life” directed by Hideko Suzuki (Asahi Publishing Co., Ltd., 600 yen) that collects the words of Shusaku Endo. In Endo’s words, Hideko Suzuki, the supervisor, summarizes the words according to each theme.

Shusaku Endo’s work has read only a few works such as “Silence”, “The Sea and Poisons”, but through this book I learned that I have left many essays about life. Among the many essays, Hideko Suzuki, who has interacted with each other for many years, has sequenced the selected sentences according to the theme of the gem. It is pulled out in various ways, and it seems to be difficult to read at first see, but it can be understood as a series of mysterious flows.

One of Endo’s strong words, which has been suffering from illness for a long time, is “a chance to touch the essence of life when you are depressed.”

In order to maintain social life, various desires and feelings are suppressed. The oppressed thing accumulates in the inside. When you speak ill of others, you get frustrated because they are bringing to the surface what you are oppressing.

When it comes to things that I don’t care about, I don’t have feelings of joy, anger, sadness, enjoyment, or any other great emotion of joy or sorrow. I’m very happy if there’s anything good about what I’m trying to do. However, it does not seem to change that the matter which dares to suppress it in the back of the mind is important to me.

Even if it is a good thing to leave it alone, when you feel frustrated when you criticize others, it is that you may express the repressed feelings in yourself. When you show that irritation to the surface, you may be more calm if you look back once to see if there is such an element.

When I’m in a mild depression, I admit that I’m in a ruined state, and then I think about whether there’s anything I can do about it.

There are two sides to every thing. If you can afford to look at yourself objectively, use the situation to see if there are any benefits. Endo himself does not enter the head even if he reads a book when he is cheerful, but when he is depressed, he can understand each word by looking at the appropriate content, and when the problem written in the book approaches with feeling, it seems to become a positive posture. Of course, if you don’t have enough room in your mind, we recommend that you visit a medical institution.

When you are depressed, be lonely. And when you’re alone, dialogue is a book or art. Music doesn’t get into your mind when you’re optimistic, and it’s rare to understand pictures. In other words, when you are depressed, think of it as a great chance to get in touch with the essence of life. That’s when you can deepen yourself.

It is a story that art learns only when the heart is sick, but such an idea did not come to me until I read this book. Listening to quiet classical music when you’re feeling down makes your mind feel like you’re having a conversation. When I was looking at masterpieces, I thought that I could feel a lot more when I was in ruin than when I was having fun. The next time I’m depressed, I’ll try to appreciate the painting.

When I feel depressed or I don’t like life, I will try to feel happy to have a chance to touch the essence of life!

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