Chestnut Pie

I bought Chestnut Pie at a nearby cake shop (M-blue).The outside was crispy, the inside was a big chestnut, and it was very delicious.

I have a lot of thoughts about this Chestnut Pie.

When my son, who had just got a job and had graduated from home, was still living together, around the entrance of the same autumn, the two of us went to this cake shop to buy cakes. The person in the shop recommended the Chestnut Pie of the baked goods. I chose the cake , but my son chose the recommended Chestnut Pie.

I thought later that it was possible to recommend the thing of the season with great time.

I remembered that I would have been happy if you were interested in what I recommended in my part-time job.

The season has passed, and this time, when Chestnut Pie comes out, I decided to buy it with the thoughts of the people in the shop. This time, I bought it while remembering my son. It is an important remember that I was taught by a child.

These days, I feel that food and events that feel the season are important, and in the shop, even if it is food or miscellaneous goods, when the time comes, it makes me feel the sense of the season and the season.

This year, especially with the new Coronavirus infection, there were no festivals or the usual events in the area, and I felt that it was a wasteful year with almost zero sense of the season.

But when I went to the shop, the season was flowing properly.

It was a day when I felt it was fun to talk a little bit about the season and the products with the people in the shop.

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