Unkai-Shuzo Raw-Ginjo Ayanishiki

I went to a nearby sushi restaurant, Uochoh in Miyazaki City to eat sushi. Because it was the first use for me, I didn’t know what kind of place it was, so I was excited. When I booked a private room, a man who felt good was able to cope with it.


I ordered a few foods first. The landlady was more supported than the feeling, and I was able to have a good feeling. I asked for a knob such as tempura, but the color is beautiful, and the crispy feeling is moderate and delicious. The fried eggplant with yam is the best harmony between “hot fried eggplant” and “cold dashi and yam sauce”. The master himself carried the sushi. It is delicious as expected!

Octopus vinegar. The accent of the alum is exquisite.
The hole child of Hokhok feels good.

The Appearance of Sake

Most restaurants in Miyazaki Prefecture have a wide variety of shochu products, but most of them have only a few bottles of sake. This time, among these few items, we will discover and order the sake brewed by local Unkai Brewery.

The glass mouth will make you feel better!

There are two breweries that brew sake in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is a shochu area. Sentoku Brewery (Nobeoka Town) and the other is Unkai Brewery, the third largest shochu manufacturer, making sake in detail. The predecessor of Unkai Brewery was Gokase Brewery Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1967, and as its name suggests, it was established in Gokase-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture. In 1988, it was changed to the current Unkai Brewery. The annual production of shochu is 180,000 stone, but sake is only 1000 stones, and it is not even listed on the storehouse’s website.

Sake brewery in Aya town

Sake products are specified without permission.

The color is colorless, transparent, beautiful and transparent. The taste is sweet 2 umami 3 astringency 0 acidity 1 bitter 1 body 3 (5-step evaluation). The aroma is a little mixed with the ginjo incense of the apple and the incense of the green vegetable system.

The dish of the attendant: Sushi and tempura were matched. Japanese food goes well with it, but it goes well with oily food.