Non-alcoholic beer "Ryoma 1865" Hippon beer

Because it is a rest day for liver or for diet, I think that there are a lot of people who drink non-alcoholic beer. Until a few years ago, I liked Suntory All-Free or Asahi Dry Zero, and I used to drink them. However, after I met Ryoma 1865, I was not able to go back to them. Foreign non-alcoholic beers usually make from true beer using the difference between the boiling points of water and alcohol, so the flavor of the beer remains almost. Non-alcoholic beers such as Veritasbroi can also be purchased in Japan. It is a good workmanship even if it is said that it is almost German beer. But Ryoma 1865 seems to be from Japan.

100% German malt

Nippon Beer Ryoma 1865 is a non-alcoholic beer made from 100% German malt. Under Japanese law, up to 1% alcohol content is defined as “non-alcoholic”, and Ryoma 1865 is 0.000%, so it is completely non-alcoholic. In Japan, the production method is either seasoned with beer style or made in the same way as beer, but it seems to be taken two ways to suppress fermentation and reduce the number of degrees.

The color and the foaming are just beer!

How is this Ryoma 1865 manufactured? Read the description of the can without a click. Seller: Nippon Beer Co., Ltd., but there is no description of the manufacturer. Is this manufactured in Germany?

Contact from HP

I suspected that it was imported from Germany, so I inquired from the website of Nippon Beer. Then, the next day I got a reply!

About the manufacturing place ⇒ It is manufactured in Japan. Malt materials are imported from Europe.
About the manufacturing method ⇒ The manufacturing method is confidential, so please forgive me. Unlike the other companies, it is produced only with malt and hops and does not use any additives. Therefore, it has become a very simple taste.

Thank you very much for a rapid reply!

What is the secret of deliciousness?

I don’t know the secret of the deliciousness because it is confidential, but I imagined that it was due to the organicity and purity. As shown in the ingredients table below, alcohol and purines are 0, but calories are not. It’s still the lower one. By the way, the typical beer is 40-42 kcal per 100ml.

Purine body, alcohol is 0, but calories are not 0.

I investigated a little about Ryoma 1865, which I have been drinking for several years. Even though it’s from Japan, I like it better than non-alcoholic beer made in Germany. To be honest, in my order, Sapporo Black Label > Ebis beer> Ryoma 1865 > Other beers > sparkling liquor. I think that there are a lot of people who feel that the taste alone is even with beer. Please try.