Junmai sake shop “Kan-ban base” Miyazaki City

When I go to a drinking bar in Miyazaki, alcohol means shochu. Even if there is sake once in a while, it may become slightly sour because of poor rotation. For that purpose, if I find a stylish sake in a small bottle, it will make me very happy. At last, an authentic junmai (= pure rice) sake bar was established in Miyazaki!

Junmai sake and fermented dishes “Kan-ban base”

“Kan-ban Base” (TEL 0985-74-5511, Ueno-cho, Miyazaki City) opened on October 13, 2020 in Miyazaki City. The place is the site of beer bar “Beer Market Base”. “I want people in Miyazaki to know the charm of Junmai sake,” opened by Ms. Akina Yamamoto, a shopkeeper trained at restaurants in the prefecture, and Ms. Ayaka Nakano. It is said that the name “Kan-ban” in the name of the bar is taken from the fact that the person who puts on the bowl while looking at the temperature of the sake is called “Okan-ban”.

Because it is a bar that has just opened, I made a reservation and visited it.

Because it is a small signboard, I may overlook it if I do not look closely.

Relationship with Mr. Hiroshi Uehara

The bar emphasized “Junmai sake and hot sake should be the position as a medium-food sake”, so I thought it would be related to Mr. Hiroshi Uehara, but the owner, Ms. Yamamoto, told me that he had indirectly taught her.

Kampachi Sashimi with Honeyl Soy Sauce and Hiroshi Uehara’s sake cup.

The dishes, such as sashimi and sake lees sausage made from Shinkame Brewery’s sake lees, were also good with Junmai sake and were delicious.

Abundant Junmai sake menu with recommended temperature

The menu of sake is, of course, Junmai (pure rice) sake only. I am glad that the recommendation is described taking into account the temperature at the time of drinking in each Junmai sake. For example, “Rumiko’s Sake” named by Akira Oze, the author of “Natsuko’s Sake”, is recommended for cold sake or lukewarm sake, while another pure rice wine is hot.

It is a menu of the drink.

I was surprised at the completely different aroma between cold and hot “Chikappa Nigori sake”.

“Koikawa” in Yamagata Prefecture was also hot.

My wife and me had many kinds of sake at the recommended temperature, and it was a feast of great satisfaction.

Dear Ms. Yamamoto, thank you very much for your lectures on Junmai sake!