Quatre-quarts au citron -Mbleu~

Quatre-quarts au citron means “four-quarter” in French, and butter, sugar, eggs and powder are made in the same amount. I bought it at a cake shop because I was attracted by the beauty of its looks.

The origin of the name

Pound Cake is English name, and Quatre quart is French. It is only called differently, and both are cakes made using the same amount of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. The Quatre-quarts au citron means that this cake is made with citron (citrus, such as lemon).

It is also called “Weekend Citron”, and it also means “sweets to eat with important people who spend weekends together”.


Mbleu is a French confectionery shop located right next to Miyazaki Shrine in Miyazaki City.

It is run by a couple with a nice smile, and when you say “This cake is …”, it will explain the cake briefly and politely. Baked goods and jellies made at the shop are also delicious, and you can enjoy it according to the season.

The beauty of the light and the content of the pop attract our eyes!

Quatre-quarts au citron

When I get home, I first boil hot water. I make coffee and enjoy the aroma. Then cut the purchased Quatre-quarts au citron into 16 pieces and serve one of them on a small plate. The feeling is excited!

I grabbed a little. The glazing on the top (a layer of glossy sugar) contains plenty of lemon aroma and has a strong accent. The sponge part is slightly modest in sweetness, but the romantic aroma of butter is enough and the harmony of aroma and taste is wonderful.

Coffee and Cake time!

When I had it with coffee, it was a blissful time. I was able to spend a delicious time between three consecutive holidays!

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